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This section provides descriptions for and links to the technical documents in the Windows Protocols documentation set that are currently released as preview PDF versions. These documents are in the process of being created or updated for either new product versions or significant product updates.

Microsoft may publish technical documents as preview (also called pre-release or preliminary) versions for community review and feedback. Not every technical document is published for preview, and each document’s preview period may vary. After the preview period is completed, each document is published to its appropriate released-version location at Windows Protocols Technical Documents.

To provide feedback or ask questions about a preview version of a technical document, you can use the Open Specifications forums.

Updated Documentation in Preview

These documents contain revision marks that show updates due to revisions made since these documents were last released. Preview documents, provided in PDF format, show content additions in green-highlighted underlined text and deletions in red-highlighted strikethrough text.



Latest preview release

[MS-CDP]: Connected Devices Platform Protocol Version 3

Specifies the Connected Devices Platform Protocol Version 3. This protocol provides a discovery system to authenticate and verify users and devices, as well as providing a message exchange between devices. It provides a transport-agnostic means of building connections among all of a user's devices, whether available through the cloud or through direct physical presence.

This document has been updated to document a BlueTooth MacAddress added to the UDP Presence Response to deduplicate devices.

September 12, 2022

[MS-TDS-Diff]: Tabular Data Stream Protocol

Specifies the Tabular Data Stream (TDS) protocol versions 7 and 8, which is an application layer request/response protocol that facilitates interaction with a database server and provides for authentication and channel encryption; specification of requests in SQL (including Bulk Insert); invocation of a stored procedure, also known as a Remote Procedure Call (RPC); returning of data; and Transaction Manager Requests.

This document has been updated to define the difference between the TDS 7.x version family, in which encryption is optional and negotiated in the TDS layer, and the new TDS 8.0 version, in which encryption is mandatory and handled in the lower layer before TDS begins functioning.

July 27, 2022