2.2.4 IWbemClassObject Interface

The signatures of many methods that are related to the Windows Management Instrumentation Remote Protocol include a parameter to specify an IWbemClassObject interface pointer. This parameter MUST be custom marshaled by the DCOM Remote Protocol, as specified in the following table. The IWbemClassObject interface represents a WMI object, such as a WMI class or an object instance. All CIM objects (CIM classes and CIM instances) that are passed during WMI calls between the client and server are objects of this interface.



Interface UUID


Marshaling buffer layout

The buffer representing a CIM object MUST be encoded using the EncodingUnit object block, as specified in [MS-WMIO] section 2.2.1.

Unmarshaler CLSID


This CLSID MUST represent the unmarshaler CLSID that is supplied by WMI to DCOM and MUST be sent over the network by DCOM when custom marshaling is implemented. For more information (OBJREF_CUSTOM), see the [MS-DCOM].