IEnumWbemClassObject Interface

The IEnumWbemClassObject interface returns results from synchronous and semisynchronous method calls, which can return multiple CIM objects as result. The interface is implemented by the server. The interface MUST be uniquely identified by UUID {027947e1-d731-11ce-a357-000000000001}.

Methods in RPC opnum order:




Causes the server to reset the enumeration sequence to the beginning of the collection of CIM objects.

Opnum: 3


Causes the server to get one or more CIM objects starting at the current position in an enumeration, and to move the current position by the number of CIM objects in the uCount parameter.

Opnum: 4


Asynchronous version of the IEnumWbemClassObject::Next method.

Opnum: 5


Causes the server to make a logical copy of the entire enumerator.

Opnum: 6


Causes the server to move the current position in an enumeration ahead by a specified number of CIM objects.

Opnum: 7

An IEnumWbemClassObject interface object MUST be returned by IWbemServices::CreateClassEnum, IWbemServices::CreateInstanceEnum, or IWbemServices::ExecQuery, IWbemServices::ExecNotificationQuery, as specified in IWbemServices section

The object that exports this interface MUST implement the IWbemFetchSmartEnum interface. The IRemUnknown and IRemUnknown2 interfaces, as specified in [MS-DCOM], MUST be used to manage the interfaces exposed by the object.

IEnumWbemClassObject interface

Figure 6: IEnumWbemClassObject interface