IWbemObjectSink::Indicate (Opnum 3) Server details

When the IWbemObjectSink::Indicate method is called, the apObjArray parameter MUST contain additional result objects as an array of an IWbemClassObject, sent by the client to the server. The IWbemObjectSink::Indicate method has the following syntax, expressed in Microsoft Interface Definition Language (MIDL).

 HRESULT Indicate(
   [in] long lObjectCount,
   [in, size_is(lObjectCount)] IWbemClassObject** apObjArray

lObjectCount: MUST be the number of CIM objects in the array of pointers in the ppObjArray parameter.

apObjArray: MUST contain an array of result objects sent by the caller.

Return Values: This method MUST return an HRESULT value that MUST indicate the status of the method call.


When the IWbemObjectSink::Indicate method is called for the first time, the server that implements the ObjectArray structure MUST return WBEM_S_NEW_STYLE if the execution of the method succeeds. If a server does not implement the ObjectArray structure, it MUST return WBEM_S_NO_ERROR for successful execution of the method.

If the server implements the ObjectArray structure and WBEM_S_NEW_STYLE is returned during the first call to the IWbemObjectSink::Indicate method, the server MUST support subsequent calls to the IWbemObjectSink::Indicate method by using both the DCOM Remote Protocol marshaling and the ObjectArray structure as specified in section 2.2.14.