Notes area on a printed calendar does not contain Outlook notes

Original KB number:   252687


When you choose to print the Notes section in a calendar, the printed area does not include any notes that are in your Notes folder, or the Notes fields in any of the appointment or meeting items in the Calendar folder.


The Notes section on the printed calendar is for hand-written notes.

More information

To print the Notes section from a calendar, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Calendar folder on the Folder List.

    If you do not see the Folder List, on the View menu, select Folder List.

  2. Select the File menu, and then select Print.

  3. In the Print style section, select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Tri-Fold Style.

  4. Select the Page Setup button.


    The option to print the Notes section is not available if you select Memo Style or Calendar Details Style.

  5. Select the Format tab. Under Options, select the Notes area (blank) check box, or the Notes area (lined) check box, and then select Print.