View or export customer activity logs for more insight into customer transactions

Appropriate roles: Admin agent

Activity logs provide information about transactions and partner management actions for customers.

Logs for transactions provide detailed information about transactions, including purchased subscriptions.

You can export activity logs as Excel-compatible comma-separated value (.csv) files.

View and export activity logs

  • Each activity log provides a link to the listed customer's Subscriptions page.
  • A single activity log can show a significant amount of data, such as the ordering of multiple products.
  • Each log has the following columns:
    • Date-Time — Date and time of the action
    • Affected customer — Customer's company name
    • Action — Action taken by the customer (for example, Created a referral)
    • Partner user — Partner associated with the activity

To view and export activity logs, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Settings (gear)

  2. Select Account settings, and then select Activity Log.

  3. Select a down arrow for any activity log to view details about a logged action.

  4. Use the From and To fields to select the time span of the activity log.

    • The default time span is the most recent month.
  5. Select Export log to copy the customer's subscription data into a .csv file and download it to the default download folder on your computer.

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