Add licenses or more services to a customer's subscription

Appropriate roles: Global admin | User management admin | Admin agent | Sales agent | Helpdesk agent


This topic describes upgrade options for legacy or traditional license-based subscriptions. Partners can review information on upgrades and transitions using new commerce subscriptions in the new commerce upgrade documentation.

If your customer needs more licenses than their current subscription provides, or if they need a different version with more services, you might be able to upgrade their subscription.

For more information, see Switch to a different Microsoft 365 Apps for business plan.

Upgrades supported in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program

The following upgrades are supported in the CSP program:

Offer Possible upgrades
Microsoft 365 Apps for business - Microsoft 365 Business Premium┬╣
- Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise
- Office 365 Enterprise E3
- Office 365 Enterprise E5
Microsoft 365 Business Standard - Office 365 Enterprise E3
- Office 365 Enterprise E5
Microsoft 365 Business Basic - Microsoft 365 Business Standard┬╣
- Office 365 Enterprise E1
- Office 365 Enterprise E3
- Office 365 Enterprise E5

┬╣ Microsoft 365 Apps for business India and Microsoft 365 Business Basic India can be upgraded to Microsoft 365 Business Standard India, but not to Microsoft 365 Business Standard.

Upgrades supported for new commerce subscriptions


The new commerce experiences for license-based services include many new capabilities and are available to all Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs).

For more information, see new commerce experiences overview.


Subscriptions can be upgraded if these conditions apply:

  • The subscription must be active (not suspended or canceled).

  • You must have delegated admin privileges for this customer and service.

  • The customer can't already have subscriptions that include the additional services.

  • The customer can't already have the subscriptions you're trying to upgrade them to.

In the last two cases the customer might have purchased their subscriptions or services from another partner or another channel. They won't be able to purchase those subscriptions from you unless they cancel their existing ones first. For more information, see multi-channel.

Upgrade a subscription

To upgrade a subscription:

  1. In Partner Center Home > Customer > Customer list, select a Company name.

  2. In the left navigation bar, select Subscriptions.

    If a subscription can be upgraded, you'll see an informational icon right after the subscription name.

  3. Hover over the informational icon and then select Upgrade now.

  4. Select the new offer and then select Submit.

More work might be required to transition some user accounts for some services. If so, Partner Center provides a list of accounts and services that were affected. For more information, see Upgrade to a different Microsoft plan.

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