Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (Azure Expert MSP) program

Appropriate roles: Account admin | Business profile admin | Global admin | Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program partner admin

If your company is a superstar at selling and managing Azure services to customers, look into applying to the Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (Azure Expert MSP) program. Azure Expert MSP partners earn an exclusive badge differentiating them from other Microsoft partners and gain top priority in the referral engine. They're prioritized for co-sell engagements, receive support when developing new practices, and can attend exclusive events.

To begin the process of applying to the Azure MSP, in the Partner Center, select Membership. Then, in the left pane, select Azure Expert MSP. Learn more about the prerequisites and application process.

If you don't qualify yet, you can still build your Microsoft partnership through membership enhancements, training, and other growth opportunities. Learn about steps you can take to develop your business and expertise.

How to enroll into Azure Expert MSP

  1. Meet the qualification requirements. These requirements include the aligned Solutions Partner designation, Performance, Skilling, Support Program, and CSP Program requirements
  2. Submit the application (or customer references), and get the application approved. The qualification requirements must be met before the application can be submitted.
  3. Schedule the audit and pass the audit. The application must be approved before the audit can be scheduled.

Product benefits for each specialization

  • To view the list of benefits for Azure Expert MSP, see the section Product benefits for specializations and expert programs in the Solutions Partner Benefits Guide.


The renewal process is triggered based on the anniversary date of your current Azure Expert MSP.

  • The renewal window opens 45 days before your anniversary date and closes on your anniversary date (with a 30-calendar day grace period). Partners must meet the published requirements within the 75-day period to renew their specialization.

  • During the renewal window, partners must meet the qualification requirements, submit the application, and schedule and complete an audit for a successful renewal.

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