Check service health for a customer reporting a potential service problem or outage

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Global admin | Helpdesk agent | Sales agent

This article explains how to use Partner Center to check service health for a customer when they experience a problem with a service.

Check service health

  1. Select the Customer who is having the issue from the Customer list.

  2. Select Service management from the left menu, which will list the services provisioned for the customer and the service health for each. Partners can select the service they're interested in to get more information.


Service health links on the Service management pages will take the partner to either the Microsoft 365 admin center or the Azure portal as delegated admin. Once the partner gets to either destination, the partner can go to the service health pages in either portal for more details about the outage.

During a service outage, Microsoft provides regular updates as we work to address the problem. These notifications are also displayed on either the Microsoft Azure portal or the Microsoft 365 admin Center.

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