Common billing scenarios for legacy CSP program partners working in Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Billing admin | Helpdesk agent | Sales agent

These articles explain what you should expect to see on your bill after you add new subscriptions, adjust the number of licenses to a subscription, or cancel a subscription. Other Partner Center billing types, such as usage-based and license-based subscriptions, are billed differently.

Billing scenarios

Type of billing Scenarios covered
Monthly legacy billing Adding new subscriptions, changing license quantity, and suspending subscriptions.
Annual legacy billing Adding new subscriptions, adding licenses before your billing date, change license quantity, and suspending and reactivating subscriptions.
Billing for one-time and select recurring purchases Purchasing subscriptions, adding more subscriptions, adding and removing licenses.
Billing for license-based SaaS subscriptions Free trials for license-based software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions. Purchasing and canceling custom meter SaaS subscriptions.