Azure rate card resources to get real-time, current Azure prices on Azure offers in your region

Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

The Azure Rate Card provides real-time prices for Azure offers. Azure pricing is dynamic and changes frequently. Microsoft publishes updates on Partner Center, but the REST API provides the fastest way for Cloud Solution Provider partners to get current prices.

To track usage and help predict your monthly bill and the bills for individual customers, you can combine a Rate Card query to Get prices for Microsoft Azure with a request to Get a customer's utilization records for Azure.

Prices differ by market and currency, and this API takes location into consideration. By default, the API uses your partner profile settings in Partner Center and your browser language, and those settings are customizable. The location awareness is especially relevant if you manage sales in multiple markets from a single, centralized office.


Describes the properties of an Azure Rate Card resource.

Property Type Description
currency string The currency in which the rates are provided.
isTaxIncluded boolean All rates are pretax, so this property returns as false.
locale string The culture in which the resource information is localized.
meters array of objects Array of AzureMeter objects.
offerTerms array of objects Array of AzureOfferTerm objects.
attributes ResourceAttributes The metadata attributes. Contains "objectType": "AzureRateCard"

Operations on the AzureRateCard resource


Property Type Description
id string Meter's unique identifier.
name string Friendly name of the meter.
rates object Meter rates. The key is the meter quantity (string) and the value is the meter rate (number).
tags array of strings Optional meter tags. This array can be empty.
category string Category of the resource.
subcategory string Subcategory of the resource.
region string Region of the ID.
unit string The type of quantity (hours, bytes, etc.)
includedQuantity number Meter quantity that is included free of charge.
effectiveDate string The date this meter is in effect.


Property Type Description
name string Friendly name of the offer term.
discount number The discount applied, if any.
excludedMeterIds array of strings Meters excluded from the offer, if any.
effectiveDate string The date the offer is in effect.