Earnings pages overview

Appropriate roles: Incentives: Incentives admin | Incentives user; Marketplace/Store: Owner or Financial contributor

The Earnings workspace provides insights and detailed reports on earnings, payments, and the associated reconciliation details for all incentive programs, marketplace, and store programs supported on Partner Center. It also shows the revenue/usage eligibility outcome for Microsoft commerce incentives.

Earnings page

  • One stop view for partner to see info about earnings and payments (instead of transaction history and payment pages)
  • Rich filter set with ability to dissect earnings data by payment month, solution area, partner association in addition to what is available in current experience
  • View earnings organized by most earning top 50 customers and search by any customer
  • View earnings organized by most earning top 50 program/engagement/lever
  • Instant data downloads of UI views
  • Detailed earnings report download available from top of the page for Incentives (standard and growth reports), Store, marketplace. No changes to export schema or APIs.

Revenue page

  • Understand the eligibility of revenue or usage evaluated for Microsoft Commerce Incentives only.
  • Insight into the top 50 customer by eligible and ineligible revenue and usage with ability to search and look up for any customer.
  • Insight into customer, subscription, product level revenue or usage metrics with ineligibility reason code. Search capability at customer or subscription level.
  • Sectional instant downloads and detailed report of ineligible revenue/usage details.

Reports page

  • Central reports download hub for everything within the earnings workspace
  • Supports downloads for Earnings-Default, Earnings-Growth, Earnings-Store, Earnings-Marketplace, Payments, Ineligible revenue, and usage.

Next steps

  • You can also get info about the earnings, payouts, and the corresponding transactional details through an API. This API provides csv downloads. Learn more on how to use the APIs by visiting Manage earnings.
  • New feature additions or changes to the pages or workspace will be posted in Partner Center announcements.