Getting around Partner Center

Appropriate roles: All partners interested in Partner Center

This article introduces Partner Center, describes page elements, and helps you get familiar with the Partner Center experience.

What is the Partner Center?

The Partner Center is a web-based, unified console that gives you access to a wide range of partner-centric activities such as membership, benefits, and account settings, all through a graphical user interface.

The Partner Center uses the concept of workspaces to group related tasks and information together to ensure that you can quickly get to and complete your work.

Partner Center

The Partner Center is where you can access all of your workspaces as well as account settings and support. It makes a great place to start to find any other information you're looking for.

Screenshot showing the Partner Center.


Workspaces group tasks and information into distinct areas. You can access these workspaces through the tiles on the dashboard.

Screenshot showing the workspace tiles on the Partner Center.

The following video describes what workspaces are and how they work.

You can hover over any of the tiles to see information about the workspace and get links to learn more.

Screenshot showing workspace in Partner Center with the hover card showing.

List of workspaces

The following workspaces are available. You may not see all of these workspaces in your portal based on your permissions and memberships. Select each of the following workspaces to learn more.

Workspace Description
Account settings View and edit your account settings, including your company profile, bank information, users, and permissions
Action Center View all Partner Center actions and notifications, and manage preferences like contact information
Benefits Access and activate your Microsoft Cloud Partner Program benefits to help you build and grow your business
Billing Access and download your invoices and reconciliation files
Customers Connect with customers, purchase subscriptions, manage licenses, and submit support requests on their behalf
Incentives Explore incentives programs, sign up and manage incentives, and view your programs and payouts
Insights View data on your customers and their purchases, and gain insights on how to grow your business
Membership Enroll in and manage Microsoft Cloud Partner Program competencies, memberships, and programs to help you go to market
Marketplace offers Create, publish, and manage solutions in the commercial marketplace and Office Store
Referrals Discover and manage leads and co-sell opportunities to set your business apart
Payouts Set up your payout account, and view and manage payout statements
Pricing View and download pricing information for different offers, SKUs, and product bundles
Help + support Get service health updates, view support articles, contact support, schedule support appointments, and manage your support requests


If you're a hardware partner or app developer, you may have additional workspaces available. For more information, see Partner Center for Windows Hardware or Partner Center for app developers.

The following video provides a deeper dive into the Billing, Pricing, and Customers workspaces.

You can also access any of your workspaces by expanding the navigation pane.

Screenshot showing the flyout menu for the Partner Center.

Every page other than the home page has breadcrumbs that help you get back to its parent or to the home page.

Screenshot showing the breadcrumbs in the dashboard.

The search bar in the dashboard provides an easy way to find Partner Center pages and documentation. Just type keywords into the bar to get suggested links in the dropdown menu.

Screenshot showing the search bar with suggested results.

Notifications, help settings, and profile

Additional configuration and settings are available in the Partner Center menu.

Screenshot showing the miscellaneous icons on the dashboard menu.

  • Notifications provides access to the latest alerts, notifications, and announcements.
  • Help provides access to support ticket tracking and creation.
  • Settings provides access to account settings and preferences.
  • Profile provides access to your profile information. You can also sign in using a different account and switch directories.

Directory switching

If you have multiple directories, you can switch between them in the Profile menu.

Screenshot showing the use of the directory switcher in the profile menu.