Determine your incentives program eligibility

Appropriate roles: Global admin | Incentives admin

Each incentives program has its own eligibility criteria. By fulfilling eligibility requirements, you ensure that you have the appropriate agreements signed, competencies earned, revenue forecast, and other prerequisites completed to successfully earn incentives.

Determining your program eligibility

You can find the eligibility requirements for your program in the program guide available at Partner incentives.

You can look up eligibility requirements for certain programs on the Overview page of the Incentives workspace in Partner Center.

Viewing eligibility requirements for a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) incentive program

To view your program guide, use the following steps:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Incentives.

  2. Select the program you want.

  3. In the Status field, select Eligibility requirements.

    Screenshot of an example of incentives requirements at Partner Center.

  4. To fulfill eligibility, complete all the unchecked areas.

    Each incentives program has its own set of requirements.

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