Frequently asked questions on Incentives

Appropriate roles: Incentives admin | Incentives user

Do I need to be the Global admin to enroll in incentives?

No. Both the Global admin and Account admin can assign users as Incentives admins. Incentives admins manage the company’s incentives programs through Partner Center. For more information, see Permissions overview.

What do I need to do if I find my company is already a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN)?

If you try to join MPN and your company is already a member, MPN will recognize the domain and associate you to the existing account. The existing account may be the same company or a related company using the same email domain, or the same Azure Activity Directory (Azure AD) to manage multiple domains.

You can identify the Primary Contact from the Legal Profile Page. If your location is the MPNHQ location, you just need to be set up with the required permissions to manage incentives. For more information about roles and permissions, see the Permissions overview.

If you are not located in the same country as the MPNHQ location, refer to the Instructions for multi-national accounts for more details on this scenario.

What user roles are available?

The person who enrolls the company in Partner Center becomes the Primary Contact and Global admin by default. The Admin can invite and manage users on the portal.

The key roles for incentives are Incentives admin and Incentives user. The Incentives admin can enroll in incentive programs and manage bank and tax details for the partner. The Incentives user can view reports in the tool to see what was paid, and the breakdown of each payment, but cannot view or edit bank details. Both roles can apply to all locations under the Partner global account.

For more information, see Permissions overview.

How can I find out who has Global or Account admin rights for my company?

To find a Global admin or Account admin who can make role changes or assign roles to a new user:

  1. From the Partner Center dashboard, select the Settings icon, then Account Settings, then select User management.
  2. Filter on either Global admin or Account admin.
  3. You can also go to My profile, select Roles and permissions and see a list of the different admins who can help you elevate your permissions.

For more information, see Find your role.

I can’t access incentives using my credentials.

The likely reason you can’t see incentives is that you don’t have the correct permissions. Use the following procedure to fix this.

  1. Sign in to the Partner Center dashboard with your Azure AD tenant credentials (your work credentials). If you are unable to sign in, contact your company’s global administrator.

  2. When signing in, if you’re prompted to select from your Work account or Personal account, select Work account.

  3. On the Partner Center menu, select Incentives, and then select Overview. If you don’t have Incentives admin or Incentives user permissions, you’ll be shown the contact information for all global and account admins of your company. Contact one of these admins to obtain the incentive role for the required MPN IDs and incentive programs.

  4. If you already have an Incentives admin role, you’ll see the enrollments for your company for the MPN IDs and incentive programs for which you have access.

Some enrollments are missing from the incentives overview page.

If you’ve either received an invitation from, or have enrolled in, an incentive program that is no longer visible in the dashboard, you should double-check that you have the appropriate access. Only users with Incentive User or Incentive Admin role are able to see the program. See Find your role.

If you need to change your role or permissions, contact your company’s global or account admin. To learn who these people are, read Find your admin.

The Overview page will only display enrollments that are associated with the Partner Global Account (PGA) associated with the Azure AD tenant. If your company has more than one PGA, you’ll need to have different credentials for each one.

Who should I contact if I get an error message or need help during the enrollment process?

There is an online support service if you encounter any issue within the Incentives section of the Dashboard – see the support option (? Icon) in the top right.