Build and publish with ISV Success

Appropriate roles: Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program partner admin

ISV Success, an offering available within the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, is a 12-month program designed to help ISVs innovate rapidly, build well-architected applications, publish to the Microsoft commercial marketplace, and grow their sales. It also provides product benefits like Azure credits, cloud benefits, technical consultations, developer tools and support, early AI tool access, and marketing assistance.

This program is open to ISVs across the globe who are building B2B applications utilizing the Microsoft Cloud, and who intend to publish their solutions to the commercial marketplace.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for ISV Success, a partner must meet the following requirements.

  • Partner's company must be headquartered in a country or region that isn't included on Microsoft's embargo list.
  • Partner must have an ongoing application development project, or started developing an application project that meets the following criteria:
    • B2B (business-to-business) focused.
    • Built on or integrated with Microsoft Cloud
    • Externally available and intended for repeat sales
  • Commitment to initiating app development within three months and completing app development within 12 months.
  • Commitment to publish app to the Microsoft commercial marketplace
  • Agree to the terms and conditions in the Microsoft ISV Success Benefits Guide, which are incorporated into the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Agreement


Use the following steps to enroll in ISV Success:

  1. Navigate to the qualification form on the ISV Hub.
  2. If you qualify, you're redirected to Partner Center to complete enrollment.

ISV Success journey

After successful enrollment, partners can track their journey through Partner Center's ISV Success – Build & Publish page.

Going through the steps helps streamline your app journey, but also unlocks valuable product, marketing, and technical consultation benefits. These benefits help you to build and publish applications faster and market them effectively.

Screenshot showing the ISV Success build and publish page.


You have an opportunity to redeem several types of benefits to assist with the building, deployment, publishing, and selling your application as part of ISV Success. These benefits can be redeemed and used up to 12 months (one year) from the date of enrollment. The following benefits can be unlocked at each stage.

Stage Benefits
Get started (complete account verification) - Personalized application design session (ADS) consultation
- Microsoft Azure ($5000 USD usage)
- Azure standard support plan
- Microsoft 365 E5 developer subscription [1]
- Dynamics 365 Sales, Field services and Customer Service partner sandbox
- Dynamics 365 discounted and free licenses
- Visual Studio Enterprise subscription
- GitHub Enterprise Cloud subscription
- Personalized Application design review (ADR) consultation
- Personalized Application publishing consultation
Build Marketplace listing optimization
- Limited Access AI Services
Publish Marketplace Rewards that can help achieve these goals:
- Build brand awareness
- Reach new customers
- Evangelize joint sales
- Nurture prospects with customized assets
- Reduce costs while closing deals

(1) Only for the first 12-month engagement.

To access your benefits

The benefits can be found under these categories: Azure credits, Cloud services, developer tools, technical support & consultation, and marketing benefits. These benefits can be activated instantly on Partner Center. Partner Center provides details on the process to redeem each of the individual benefits.


This section contains information about renewal eligibility, when your company can renew, and how to renew.


A partner can renew into another 12 months of ISV Success Build and Publish.

The option to renew becomes available to eligible 30 days prior to the end date of the current benefit’s package. Eligibility is based on account verification, billing profile creation, publication status, and being within the 30 days of the benefit’s end date. Eligibility can be confirmed in the Partner Center in the Membership offers page.

Shows a screen capture example of a partner who published, but won't be able to complete signing up to renew until January 1, 2025, so is ineligible for renewals.

To be eligible to renew ISV Success, a partner must meet the following requirements:

  • Published an offer to the commercial marketplace or upgraded an offer to transactable since they started their latest engagement with ISV Success.
  • Meet all requirements outlined for ISV Success in the eligibility requirements. See Eligibility criteria in this article.
  • Completed a billing profile setup to pay the $1,500 USD renewal fee For more information, see Link billing account and profile to Partner Center account
  • Have another offering to publish to the commercial marketplace.

How to know when your company can renew

On the ISV Success | Build & Publish page, you see a section with your status information. The first part of the page has a Renewal info section that has the date when your renewal becomes available. The renewal available date displays the first date when you're eligible to renew.

If your renewal status is Not eligible, you can see why the renewal status is disabled in the same section.

If your renewal status is Eligible, you're able to access Click to Renew.

Steps to complete the renewal

  1. Navigate to Partner Center, Membership > Membership Offers, page two.

  2. Select the ISV tab and select Buy Now

  3. On the menu that appears, fill out the form about your next app, provide contact information, and read over and agree to the terms and conditions.

  4. After checking the box, select Renew now.

  5. Select a payment method.

  6. Select Proceed, to continue to the Checkout page.

  7. Ensure your information and payment method are correct, check the offer summary for pricing information and, when you’re ready, select Accept Payment & Place Order.

  8. Your payment method is charged at this point. You're directed to an Order status page.


    If your order number and date shows on the page, capture them.

  9. When your order processes, you can navigate back to the ISV Success Build & Publish page and see that your renewal status is Renewed.


GitHub Enterprise Cloud subscription benefit is not included in the ISV Build & Publish renewal benefits.

Frequently asked questions

Why do some of the steps show In progress, even after I completed them?

After you complete a step, it might take up to 24 hours for the right status to reflect in the membership and benefits workspace.

Why can't I see my ISV Success benefits?

If you're an early participant of ISV Success (enrolled before January 23, 2023), your benefits won't be displayed on the Benefits workspace on Partner center. You can reach out to your engagement manager for queries about your benefits.

I published a ‘contact me’ listing in the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. Does this qualify me to renew for a subsequent year of benefits?

Yes, this meets the qualifications for ISV Success Build and Publish. However, publishing transactable allows you to access Marketplace Rewards, a free benefit offering providing you to access tiers of benefits. For more information, see: Marketplace Rewards.

During my 12 month benefits package, I used a previous contact for my listing and upgraded it to transactable. Does this meet the requirements to renew for a subsequent engagement?


Can I stack the ISV Success benefits on top of other benefits I'm receiving as a member of other benefits in Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program?

You can use benefits by sponsorship. For information about how each type of benefit works, visit the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Benefit FAQ.

During my prior year of using ISV Success Build and Publish benefits I didn't publish an offering due to unforeseen circumstances at my organization. Can I receive another year at no or reduced cost?

As a part of the terms and conditions of each year of benefits, it's a requirement that each year of benefits has either a new offer published to the marketplace, or an existing offer upgraded to a transactable offer. If a partner hasn't met these requirements, they're unable to re-enroll for a subsequent year of benefits until that is complete.

I completed the renewal process but didn’t get an email. Where does the confirmation email go?

This email is sent to the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Partner Admin in your organization.

I'm having trouble with payment processing or my billing profile, what are resources I can use?

For resources to set up or manage your billing profile, see: