Manage your benefits in Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Global admin | MPN Partner Admin

When you join the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program (formerly MPN) and purchase any offer then you get access to different benefits. Benefits workspace is a single place to view and redeem all your benefits awarded to you as part of membership purchases. Microsoft provides different membership options to different types of partners. Learn more about membership options.

User role to manage Benefits workspace

To manage your benefits, in Partner Center, you would need to have MPN Partner admin role in Partner Center. Global admin or Account admin in your organization can give you relevant access. Learn more. However, some of the marketing benefits are available for non MPN admins roles as well.

Types of benefits

There are the different types of benefits available for you in Benefits workspace, dependent on which offer you purchased:

  • Azure Credit: Azure monthly or yearly credits available for you to consume on Azure portal.

  • Cloud services: Cloud benefits include license-based subscriptions that require a product key for activation including products across Modern Work, Business Applications and Windows online subscriptions. These benefits can be redeemed on Office Admin portal.

  • Software benefits: Software benefits include on premise software products keys such as Dynamics CRM server, Office professional, SQL server and more.

  • Developer Tools: Developer tools cover Visual Studio and GitHub benefits.

  • Technical support & consultation: Get support for your on-premises products and cloud products by raising incidents with the issue details.

  • Technical pre-sales & deployment: Use Technical Presales and Deployment Services (TP&D) for personalized, one-to-one consultations to plan, build and publish your Microsoft cloud services or applications.

  • Marketing benefits: Marketing benefits is your gateway to GTM benefits & Marketplace benefits. These benefits give you access to exclusive sales and marketing resources that can help you accelerate your time to market, generate leads, and expand your business.

  • Logo Builder: You can use Logo Builder to create a partner logo (badge), to create a partner of the Year Award logo, or to create a certified letter.

Benefits guide with different programs

To find out which benefits are available with different Microsoft programs, download the following resources. Selecting a link automatically downloads the resource to your default downloads folder.

To learn more on how you can use these benefits, download the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Guide.

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