Configure Dynamics 365 Business Central offer availability

This page lets you define where and how to make your offer available, including markets and preview audience.


To specify the markets in which your offer should be available, select Edit markets.

On the Market selection popup window, select at least one market. Choose Select all to make your offer available in every possible market, or select only the specific markets you want. When you're finished, select Save.

Your selections here apply only to new acquisitions; if someone already has your app in a certain market, and you later remove that market, the people who already have the offer in that market can continue to use it, but no new customers in that market will be able to get your offer.


It is your responsibility to meet any local legal requirements, even if those requirements aren't listed here or in Partner Center. Even if you select all markets, local laws, restrictions, or other factors may prevent certain offers from being listed in some countries and regions.

Preview audience

Before you publish your offer live to the broader marketplace offer, you'll first need to make it available to a limited Preview audience. Enter a Hide key (any string using only lowercase letters and/or numbers) here. Members of your preview audience can use this hide key as a token to view a preview of your offer in the marketplace.

Then, when you're ready to make your offer available and remove the preview restriction, you'll need to remove the Hide key and publish again.

Select Save draft before continuing to the next tab in the left-nav menu, Technical configuration.


Only the offer listing information will be available in the marketplace preview. You won't be able to install the app in the Business Central environment until you've completed the publishing process in Partner Center.

Next steps