Create a Power BI app offer

This article describes how to create a Power BI app offer. All offers go through our certification process, which checks your solution for standard requirements, compatibility, and proper practices.

Before you begin

Before you can publish a Power BI app offer, you must have a commercial marketplace account in Partner Center and ensure your account is enrolled in the commercial marketplace program. See Create a commercial marketplace account in Partner Center and Verify your account information when you enroll in a new Partner Center program.

Review Plan a Power BI offer. It will explain the technical requirements for this offer and list the information and assets you’ll need when you create it.

Create a new offer

  1. Sign in to Partner Center.

  2. On the Home page, select the Marketplace offers tile.

    Illustrates the Marketplace offers tile on the Partner Center Home page.

  3. On the Marketplace offers page, select + New offer > Power BI app.

    Illustrates the Power BI app offer type available from the New offer button.


After an offer is published, any edits you make to it in Partner Center appear on Microsoft AppSource only after you republish the offer. Be sure to always republish an offer after changing it.

If Power BI App isn't shown or enabled, your account doesn't have permission to create this offer type. Please check that you've met all the requirements for this offer type, including registering for a developer account.

New offer

  1. Enter an Offer ID. This is a unique identifier for each offer in your account.

    • This ID is visible to customers in the web address for the offer and in Azure Resource Manager templates, if applicable.
    • Use only lowercase letters and numbers. The ID can include hyphens and underscores, but no spaces, and is limited to 50 characters. For example, if your Publisher ID is testpublisherid and you enter test-offer-1, the offer web address will be
    • The Offer ID can't be changed after you select Create.
  2. Enter an Offer alias. This is the name used for the offer in Partner Center.

    • This name isn't used on AppSource. It is different from the offer name and other values shown to customers.
    • This name can't be changed after you select Create.
  3. Associate the new offer with a publisher. A publisher represents an account for your organization. You may have a need to create the offer under a particular publisher. If you don’t, you can simply accept the publisher account you’re signed in to.


    The selected publisher must be enrolled in the Commercial Marketplace program and cannot be modified after the offer is created.

  4. Select Create to generate the offer. Partner Center opens the Offer setup page.


Enter a descriptive name that we'll use to refer to this offer solely within Partner Center. The offer alias (pre-populated with what you entered when you created the offer) won't be used in the marketplace and is different than the offer name shown to customers. If you want to update the offer name later, see the Offer listing page.

Setup details

This section is blank and not applicable to Power BI apps.

Customer leads

When a customer expresses interest or deploys your product, you’ll receive a lead in the Referrals workspace in Partner Center.

You can also connect the product to your customer relationship management (CRM) system to handle leads there.


Connecting to a CRM system is optional.

To configure the lead management in Partner Center:

  1. In Partner Center, go to the Offer setup tab.

  2. Under Customer leads, select the Connect link.

  3. In the Connection details dialog box, select a lead destination from the list.

  4. Complete the fields that appear. For detailed steps, see the following articles:

  5. To validate the configuration you provided, select the Validate link.

  6. When you’ve configured the connection details, select Connect.

    For more information, see Customer leads from your commercial marketplace offer.

  7. Select Save draft before continuing to the next tab in the left-nav menu, Properties.

Next steps