Assign user roles and permissions

Appropriate roles

  • Owner
  • Manager

In order to access capabilities related to marketplace or your developer account you need to have one or more of the following roles assigned to yourself. Each role has a specific set of permissions to perform certain functions within the account.

Role Description
Owner When a publisher account is created, an ownership role is assigned to the partner.

Permission details:

✔  Complete ownership of the account.
✔  Add an type of users
✔  May complete payout and tax information
✔  View feedback reports and summaries
✔  Enroll the publisher account into any other developer programs
Manager ✔  Manage publisher account users, roles, and permissions
✔  Manage tenants
✘  Access tax and payout settings
Developer ✔  Upload package
✔  Submit apps and add-ons
✔  View usage reports for telemetry details
✘  Access financial information or account settings
Business contributor ✔  Access financial information
✔  Set pricing details
✘  Create or submit new apps and add-ons
Financial contributor ✔  View payout reports
✔  Manage payout and tax profiles
✘  Make changes to apps or settings
Marketer ✔  Respond to customer reviews
✔  View non-financial reports
✘  Make changes to apps or settings


For the commercial marketplace program, the Global admin, Business Contributor, Financial Contributor, and Marketer roles are not used. Assigning these roles to users has no effect. Only the Manager and Developer roles grant permissions to users.

For more information about managing roles and permissions in other areas of Partner Center, such as Azure Active Directory (AD), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Control Panel Vendor (CPV), Guest users, or Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, see Assign users roles and permissions in Partner Center.


Any user management, role assignment activities done on these lines will be in context of the account you are on. Refer to section on switching between seller if you need to manage a different account.