Multi-partner support for customers who want to work with more than one partner

Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

Appropriate roles: Global admin | User management admin | Sales agent

The Partner Center's multi-partner feature supports scenarios when a customer wants to work with more than one partner. For example, a customer may want to hire one partner for their expertise in Office 365, but hire a different partner who specializes in Microsoft Azure.

An Azure Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) tenant can include an additional Azure subscription from a different CSP partner.

To use the multi-partner feature in the Partner Center, invite the customer to give you delegated administration privileges. See Request a relationship with a customer for information about how to establish a relationship with a customer who is already working with a partner.

Multi-partner functionality doesn't:

  • Change any of the customer's existing subscriptions

  • Transition the customer's existing subscriptions or account ownership

  • Change the terms or customer's obligations for any of their existing subscriptions

  • Change the partner of record for a subscription


A partner in the CSP program cannot resell online services to another partner in the CSP program currently. This restriction only applies to the tenant used for conducting CSP transactions. CSP partners who use a non-CSP tenant for their corporate usage can purchase online services from another CSP partner. Microsoft continuously reviews the policies and capabilities of all programs. Any news about feature releases or policy changes will be announced through the usual communications channels, including Partner Center announcements.