Reference architecture diagram

Appropriate roles: Co-sell solution admin

A reference architecture diagram is a model of the infrastructure that your Microsoft commercial marketplace solution relies on.

For Azure intellectual property (IP) solutions, the diagram should also show how your solution uses Microsoft’s cloud services per the technical requirements of IP co-sell.

A reference diagram isn't intended to assess the quality of an architecture. It's intended to show how your solution uses Microsoft services.

You can create a reference architecture diagram using various tools. However, we recommend Microsoft Visio because it has Azure Architecture models that you can use as a helpful starting point.

Typical components of a reference architecture diagram

Your reference architecture diagram must clearly identify your IP as a solution, application, or service code that is both deployed on and driving consumption of Microsoft Azure.

Your code must be highly reusable and not depend on extensive customization per deployment.

Typical components of a reference architecture diagram include:

  • Cloud services that host and interact with your solution, including ones that consume Azure resources
  • Cloud services used to control security, authentication, and users of your solution
  • Data connections, data layers, and data services consumed by your solution
  • User interfaces and other services that expose the solution to users
  • Hybrid or on-premises connectivity and integrations or combinations of both.
Example reference architecture diagram: vertical industry chatbot

This image is an example Co-sell architecture diagram.

The image is an example of a reference architecture diagram. It's a diagram of a vertical industry chatbot that can be integrated with intranet sites to help forecast demand scenarios using a machine learning algorithm. It uses supply-chain and manufacturing-schedule data from various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The bot is designed to address questions about when a salesperson can commit to possible delivery dates for an order.

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