Grow your business with referrals from Microsoft

Appropriate roles: Referrals admin | Referrals user

Many customers are looking for qualified experts to help implement Microsoft technology and business solutions. Here at Microsoft, we often get direct requests for help from customers through our marketing activities and from our internal Microsoft sales agents.

Customers also use the Connect with partners page to find companies that can help them meet their business needs.

Create a business profile

We want to connect you with customers who need your solutions and expertise. The most important step you can take to start getting sales leads from us is to create a business profile that showcases your company's offerings, solutions, and expertise.

Your business profile will be listed in all the places customers and internal Microsoft sales agents search for qualified partners.

Respond to referrals

After you publish your business profile, you'll start to receive sales leads through the Referrals feature in the Partner Center.

It's important to respond to referrals within the required time frames to continue to receive these leads and, most importantly, to win deals.

For information about how to manage sales leads in Partner Center, see Learn about leads.