Get help and contact support

Applies to: Partner Center | Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

Appropriate roles: All partners interested in Partner Center

You can contact Partner Support if you find problems or need help with Partner Center errors.


For help choosing which of the various Microsoft support portals to use for partner-related issues with Azure, Microsoft 365, subscriptions, invoices, and so on, see Which support portal should I use?

Any Partner Center user can create a partner support request. You can send diagnostics to help the support team fix the problem more quickly.

You must be logged in to Partner Center using your work account to view your support requests. You can only see requests you created online using your work account.

Partner Center users shouldn't create partner support requests on behalf of other Partner Center users because it can delay request resolution, cause confusion etc. For example, other users can't see the requests you created online or schedule an appointment, your user role information will be invalid for other users, and extra security checks are required for some requests.

You can schedule a support appointment with the partner support representative assigned to your support request, view available time slots, and book a confirmed Teams meeting at a convenient date and time.

Get help and contact support in Partner Center

To get help or to open a support request, use the following steps:

  1. From your current workspace within the Partner Center, select the Help icon (?).

    The Help + support panel opens and displays workspace-specific links to relevant Partner Center documentation. View these links to see if the documentation addresses your question.

  2. If the documentation doesn't give the help you need, you can select Contact Support at the bottom of the page.

    Screenshot showing the Help + support panel in Partner Center

Contact support

If you select Contact Support, you're asked to fill in the following information.

  1. In Problem summary, enter a brief overview of the issue.

  2. In Workspace, you can enter the name of a workspace.

    Only the workspaces to which you have access appear in the Workspace list. The current workspace is filled in automatically.

  3. In Problem type, you can pick from recommended content or enter more keywords to refine your search.

    (The problem types displayed are specific to the selected workspace.)

  4. Select Review solutions to view alerts, steps, or related documents that may help resolve your issue.

  5. If you still need help after viewing the Recommended solutions, you can select Create support request.

  6. Fill in the information under Request info and select Submit.

    A partner support representative will follow up with you by phone or email (so be sure the email address and phone number you submit are correct). If your request is complex and you have low availability, you should use schedule a support appointment.

Hours of operation

Availability of Partner Support depends on your geographical region. See Partner Support availability to view the current coverage.

Schedule a support appointment

You can schedule a support appointment with the representative assigned to your partner support request, check their calendar availability, and book a confirmed Teams meeting appointment online.

Appointments are only available for partner support requests that you create in Partner Center using your work account. Partner Support appointments are available only for certain problem types and with certain support teams.

Security check

When first contacted by a partner support representative, you may be asked to pass a security check. A security check is standard practice and is done to verify your identity and to ensure your company's data and information are protected.

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