Manage access

This article explains how to manage cards using security roles, and also provides guidance on deleting a record.

Change who can create cards

Cards are stored as rows in Dataverse within the Card table. Administrators can use security roles to control who can create, read, and update cards.

For example, if a user is only assigned to a security role that doesn't have permission to create rows in the Card table, then the user can't create cards.

Note, regardless of the user's security role, a user can still receive and use cards sent through Teams.

Disable cards for an environment

The communication between Cards for Power Apps and Dataverse relies on the Cards Role security role. If you remove permissions for the Cards Role to create, read, or update the Card table in the environment will result in the unavailability of cards for all users in that environment.

Cards security roles

  • Cards Basic Role can be used to grant a user access to view, create, and use cards in that environment.

    Other security roles can be modified to view, create, and use cards by changing security role access to the Card table in Dataverse.

  • Cards Role is used internally by the Cards for Power Apps service to communicate with Dataverse.