uses-feature element

Indicates which feature the code components want to use.

Available for

Model-driven apps

Parent Element

Element Description
feature-usage The feature-usage element acts as a wrapper around the uses-feature elements, which themselves allow developers to declare which features their component wants to use. If there are no uses-feature elements defined, the feature-usage element is not required.

Child Elements

Element Description Type Required
name Name of the feature that is declared in the component string Yes
required Indicates if the component requires that feature or not boolean Yes


    <uses-feature name="WebAPI" required="true" />

The table below shows the relationship of these settings to what happens in the code at runtime whether the feature function will be available to call based upon the uses-feature settings defined in the manifest.

Manifest If Host supports If Host doesn't support
uses-feature name="device.captureImage" required="true" Context.device.captureImage != null, no check needed. Warning at design time. Component load will fail at runtime.
uses-feature name="device.captureImage" required="false" Context.device.captureImage != null Context.device.captureImage == null, component can adaptively check this at runtime.
(none) Context.device.captureImage == null Context.device.captureImage == null

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