Provides access to the methods to determine which client is being used, whether the client is connected to server, and what kind of device is being used.



Available for

Model-driven apps, canvas apps, & portals.



Disables the scrolling capabilities for the components. This property is supported in both model-driven and canvas apps.

Type: boolean


Method Description Available for
getClient Returns a value to indicate which client the script is executing in. Model-driven and canvas apps
getFormFactor Returns information about the kind of device the user is using. Model-driven and canvas apps
isOffline Returns the information whether the server is online or offline. Model-driven apps
isNetworkAvailable Returns information whether the network is available or not Model-driven apps


private createHTMLTableElement(): HTMLTableElement {
    let tableElement: HTMLTableElement = document.createElement("table");
    tableElement.setAttribute("class", "SampleControlHtmlTable_HtmlTable");
    let key: string = "Example Method";
    let value: string = "Result";
    tableElement.appendChild(this.createHTMLTableRowElement(key, value, true));
    key = "getFormFactor()";
    value = String(this._context.client.getFormFactor());
    tableElement.appendChild(this.createHTMLTableRowElement(key, value, false));
    key = "getClient()";
    value = String(this._context.client.getClient());
    tableElement.appendChild(this.createHTMLTableRowElement(key, value, false));

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