Used to initialize the component instance. Components can kick off remote server calls and other initialization actions. Dataset values cannot be initialized here, use the updateView method to achieve that.

trackContainerResize should be called once preferably in the component init method to notify that the component needs the layout information . This indicates the framework to populate allocatedHeight and allocatedWidth methods.


tractContainerResize should be called first before the allocatedHeight and allocatedWidth methods.

Available for

Model-driven apps, canvas apps, & portals.




Parameter Name Type Required Description
context Context yes The Input Properties containing the parameters, component metadata and interface functions.
notifyOutputChanged function no The method to notify the framework that it has new outputs
state Dictionary no The component state that is saved from setControlState in the last session
container HTMLDivElement no The div element to render


public init(context: ComponentFramework.Context<IInputs>, notifyOutputChanged: () => void, state: ComponentFramework.Dictionary, container:HTMLDivElement)
    this._labelElement = document.createElement("label");
    this._labelElement.setAttribute("class", "HelloWorldColor");

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