Provides properties and methods to work with paging.

Available for

Model-driven and canvas apps



First page number.

Type: number


Whether the result set can be paged forwards.

Type: boolean


Whether the result set can be paged backwards.

Type: boolean


Last page number.

Type: number


Page Number. Same as firstPageNumber. Used in exposed interfaces where firstPageNumber and lastPageNumber is not available.

Type: number


The pageSize of the paging.

Type: number


Total number of results on the server for the current query. In case when value is not available -1 is sent.

Type: number


For Canvas Apps totalResultCount will not always show the total number of records a table has. Because of delegation, it will return a value divisible by 500 until the last set of records is reached.

Let's say that a table has 1022 records in it. Your page size is 100. The following table shows the totalResultCount value you can expect for each page:

Page Value
1 500
2 500
3 500
4 500
5 500
6 1000
7 1000
8 1000
9 1000
10 1000
11 1022


Method Description
loadExactPage Request the exact page of results to be loaded.
loadNextPage Request the next page of results to be loaded.
loadPreviousPage Request the previous page of results to be loaded.
reset Reload the results from the server, and reset to page 1.
setPageSize Sets the number of results to return per page on the next data refresh.



loadExactPage, loadNextPage, loadPreviousPage do not support parallel execution. Executing any of them will trigger updateView on the control with newly fetched results.

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