Provides information on what has changed in the updateView method. The information could be change in the property value, component or browser resize event.

Type: string[]

Array Values Available for Description
layout Model-driven and Canvas apps Dimensions for the control were updated.
dataset Model-driven and Canvas apps Records were updated.
records Canvas apps Records were updated.
columns Canvas apps Columns were updated.
sortorder Canvas apps Sort order was updated.
page Canvas apps Pagination information was updated.
filter Canvas apps Filtering was updated.
commands Canvas apps Commands were were updated.

Additionally, use loading attribute of the dataset that indicates whether the dataset is loading or not.

Available for

Model-driven and canvas apps


public updateView(context: ComponentFramework.Context<IInputs>): void
  // check if the updateView call has updated the sampleProperty
  if(context.updateProperties.indexOf("SampleProperty")> -1)
      this._value = context.parameters.sampleProperty.raw;
  // update isFullScreen flag based on the context
  if(-1!== context.updatedProperties.indexOf("fullscreen_open"))
        this._isFullScreen =true;
  else if(-1!== context.updatedProperties.indexOf("fullscreen_open"))
          this._isFullScreen =false;

Dataset loading attribute
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