Publish your app on AppSource

Publish your app on Microsoft AppSource so that app subscribers can find it, try it, and buy it. The apps you build and publish with Power Apps are discovered and used in Dynamics 365 on the web. More information: Discover apps via AppSource.

Prepare for submitting your app on AppSource

Use the following steps to prepare for submitting your app to be listed on Microsoft AppSource:

Step 1: Create a Microsoft Partner Center account

Step 2: Create a managed solution for your app

Step 3: Create an AppSource package for your app

Step 4: Store your package on Azure Storage

Submit your app on Partner Center

Once your app is ready for submission, you use the Partner Center to submit your app to be listed on Microsoft AppSource. Access to the Partner Center and related documentation is available only to Microsoft Partner Network members.


  • App design best practices: Use this checklist to evaluate your app design to provide the best and consistent user experience.
  • App certification: Provides information about the checks done during the app certification process after you submit your app for publishing on AppSource.

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