Sample: Use CrmServiceClient to access the Global Discovery Service

This sample code shows how to use the discovery service with the CrmServiceClient.DiscoverGlobalOrganizations Method. You can download the sample from here


This sample is limited to .NET Full Framework. There is a newer sample compatible with .NET Core using the Dataverse.Client.ServiceClient.DiscoverOnlineOrganizationsAsync Method. See Sample: Global Discovery Service (C#).

How to run this sample

This sample will not open dialog to prompt you for connection information.

If you have set and values in the App.config connection strings, it will use them. Otherwise, set the username and password variables in the SampleProgram.Main method.

What this sample does

This sample uses the SDK Assembly CrmServiceClient to query the global discovery service with a user's credentials to determine which environments they can connect with.

If one or more environments are returned, the sample will prompt the user to choose one, and then use a WhoAmIRequest to return the SystemUser.UserId for that environment.

How this sample works

In order to simulate the scenario described in What this sample does, the sample will do the following:


This sample requires no special setup except that there are valid user credential username and password to use.

If you know the regional data center that your environments are in, the sample will run faster if you set this value at line 40 of the SampleProgram.cs file.

In SampleMethods.cs there is a Clouds enumeration for each of the known global discovery centers. Each enumeration member is decorated with a Description notation. All of these members except Unknown have the URL for the global discovery service set as the description.


  1. Using the user credentials and the cloud value, the program uses the GetAllOrganizations static method to retrieve all known environments for the user.

  2. The GetAllOrganizationsmethod detects whether the cloud value is set to Cloud.Unknown. If it is set to this member, this method will choose the commerical Cloud enum and retrieve any environments that are found using the GetOrganizationsForCloud static method.

    If a specific data center is set, GetAllOrganizations will simply call GetOrganizationsForCloud with those values.

  3. The GetOrganizationsForCloud method extracts the cloud's discovery service Url from the member Description decoration and uses it together with the user credentials to execute the DiscoverGlobalOrganizations CrmServiceClient helper message.

    A System.ServiceModel.Security.SecurityAccessDeniedException is expected when the user has no environments in a specific data center.

  4. If any environments are returned by the GetAllOrganizations method, they will be listed in the console and you will be prompted to choose one by typing a number. If your choice is valid, the selected environment data is used to execute a WhoAmIRequest and return the SystemUser.UserId for the user in that environment.

Clean up

This sample creates no records. No cleanup is required.

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