Testing tools for server-side development

Many developers strongly advocate including unit testing as part of their development process. Microsoft Dataverse doesn't provide testing framework tools, but you should be aware that there are community tools available that you can use. A popular framework for server-side development is Fake Xrm Easy. This framework can be combined with your choice of .NET framework testing frameworks. FakeItEasy is a common choice.


Microsoft does not provide support for tools created by the community. If you have any issues with a community tool, please contact the publisher.

Benefits of unit testing

Unit testing is strongly recommended but not required. When you are just getting started or if the amount of code in your solution is relatively small, you may feel that you spend more time writing tests than the functionality included in your solution.

The benefits of unit testing begin to accrue when your solution becomes larger and more complex. Particularly with server-side development, there can be significant benefits in debugging locally using mocked or faked data with a testing framework instead of having to go through all the steps described in Debug Plug-ins to generate a profile to debug.

When a solution is developed with unit testing, developers report greater productivity and a better quality product.

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