attribute.getValue (Client API reference)

Retrieves the data value for a column.

Column types supported




Return Value

Type: Depends on the type of column. The value may be null.

Column Type Return Type
boolean Boolean
datetime Date
To get the string version of a date using the Power Apps user's locale preferences, use the format and localeFormat methods. Other methods will format dates using the operating system locale rather than the user's Power Apps locale preferences.
decimal Number
Double Number
integer Number
lookup Array
An array of lookup objects.

NOTE: Certain lookups allow for multiple records to be associated in a lookup, such as the To: column for an email table record. Therefore, all lookup data values use an array of lookup objects – even when the lookup column does not support more than one record reference to be added.

Each lookup has the following properties:
- entityType: String. The name of the table displayed in the lookup.
- id: String: The string representation of the GUID value for the record displayed in the lookup.
- name: String: The text representing the record to be displayed in the lookup.
memo String
money Number
choices Array
An array of numbers.
choice Number
string String

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