openSearchResult (Client API reference)

Opens a search result in the search control by specifying the result number.

Control types supported

knowledge base search control


var kbSearchControl = formContext.getControl("<name>");
var openResultStatus = kbSearchControl.openSearchResult(resultNumber, mode);


Name Type Required Description
resultNumber Number Yes Numerical value specifying the result number to be opened. Result number starts from 1.
mode String No Specify "Inline" or "Popout". If you do not specify a value for the argument, the default ("Inline") option is used.

The "Inline" mode opens the result inline either in the reading pane of the control or in a reference panel tab in case of reference panel. The "Popout" mode opens the result in a pop-out window.

Return Value

Type: Boolean

Description: Status of opening the specified search result. Returns 1 if successful; 0 if unsuccessful. The method will return -1 if the specified resultNumber value is not present, or if the specified mode value is invalid.