setNotification (Client API reference)

Displays an error message for the control to indicate that data isn't valid. When this method is used,  a red "X" icon appears next to the control. On Dynamics 365 mobile clients, tapping on the icon will display the message.


Always make sure that the control you are using setNotification with is visible on the form.

setNotification will not return an error if you use it on a control that is visible but is within a section or tab that isn't visible. When saving a record setNotification will display a message at the top of the form as a validation error. If the control is not visible because it is within a hidden parent section or tab, the user cannot fix this.

Control types supported

Standard, lookup, choices and choice control types.




Name Type Required Description
message String Yes The message to display.
uniqueId String No The ID to use to clear this message when using the clearNotification method.

Return Value

Type: Boolean

Description: Indicates whether the method succeeded.


Setting an error notification on a control will block the form from saving.