movePrevious (Client API reference)

Moves to the previous stage.

You can also move to a previous stage in a different table.



Name Type Required Description
callbackFunction Function No A function to call when the operation is complete. See callbackFunction


This callback function is passed one of the following string values to indicate the status of the operation:

Value Reason
success The operation succeeded.
crossEntity The next stage is for a different table.
beginning The active stage is the first stage of the active path.
invalid The operation failed because the selected stage isn't the same as the active stage.
dirtyForm This value will be returned if the data in the page is not saved.
stageGate One or more required column on the current stage is empty.
preventDefault This value will be returned if an OnPreStageChange event handler invokes preventDefault.


This method can only be used when the selected stage and the active stage are the same. When your code is initiated from the OnStageChange event, the current stage will be selected. When your code is initiated from the OnStageSelected event, you should use the getActiveStage method to verify that the selected stage is also the active stage. For any other form event, it isn't possible to determine which stage is currently selected. For best results, this method should only be used in code that is called in functions initiated by the OnStageChange and OnStageSelected events.


This methods will cause the OnStageChange event to occur.