ui.refreshRibbon (Client API reference)

Causes the ribbon to re-evaluate data that controls what is displayed in it.




Name Type Required Description
refreshAll Boolean No Indicates whether all the ribbon command bars on the current page are refreshed. If you specify false, only the page-level ribbon command bar is refreshed. If you do not specify this parameter, by default false is passed.


This function is used when a ribbon action JavaScriptFunction (RibbonDiffXml) changes the data in the form. For example, changing of state of the record via a ribbon action. After your code changes the data that is used by a rule, use this method to force the ribbon to reevaluate the data in the form so that the rule can be reapplied.


For optimal performance of your form loads, you should not use this function in EnableRule (RibbonDiffXml) or onLoad (FormXml). The form load itself triggers rules evaluation of all the ribbon actions. In case, if you want to control the visibility of a ribbon action, use promises and asynchronous pattern in EnableRule.