setFormNotification (Client API reference)

Displays form level notifications.

You can display any number of notifications and they will be displayed until they are removed using clearFormNotification. The height of the notification area is limited so each new message will be added to the top. Users can scroll down to view older messages that have not yet been removed.


formContext.ui.setFormNotification(message, level, uniqueId);


Name Type Required Description
message String Yes The text of the message.
level String Yes The level of the message, which defines how the message will be displayed. Specify one of the following values:
ERROR : Notification will use the system error icon.
WARNING : Notification will use the system warning icon.
INFO : Notification will use the system info icon.
uniqueId String Yes A unique identifier for the message that can be used later with clearFormNotification to remove the notification.

Return Value

Type: Boolean

Description: true if the method succeeded; false otherwise.