createPane (Client API reference)

Provides all the information to create side panes.



paneOptions object

The paneOptions object has the following values:

Parameter Name Type Required Description
title string No The title of the pane. Used in pane header and for tooltip.
paneId string No The ID of the new pane. If the value is not passed, the ID value is auto-generated.
canClose Boolean No Whether the pane header will show a close button or not.
imageSrc string No The path of the icon to show in the panel switcher control.
hideHeader Boolean No Hides the header pane, including the title and close button. Default value is false.
isSelected Boolean No When set to false, the created pane is not selected and leaves the existing pane selected. It also does not expand the pane if collapsed.
width Number No The width of the pane in pixels.
hidden Boolean No Hides the pane and tab.
alwaysRender Boolean No Prevents the pane from unmounting when it is hidden.
keepBadgeOnSelect Boolean No Prevents the badge from getting cleared when the pane becomes selected.


Creating side panes using client API