pickFile (Client API reference)

Opens a dialog box to select files for the upload.

Available for

This method is supported for both web and mobile clients.


Xrm.Device.pickFile(pickFileOptions).then(successCallback, errorCallback)


Parameter Name Type Required Description
pickFileOptions Object No An object with the following values:
- accept: Image file types to select. Valid values are "audio", "video", or "image". String.
- allowMultipleFiles: Indicates whether to allow selecting multiple files. Boolean.
- maximumAllowedFileSize: Maximum size of the files(s) to be selected. Number.
successCallback Function Yes A function to call when selected files are returned. An array of objects with each object having the following values is passed to the function:
- fileContent: Contents of the file. String
- fileName: Name of the file. String.
- fileSize: Size of the file in KB. Number.
- mimeType: File MIME type. String.
errorCallback Function Yes A function to call when the operation fails.

Return Value

On success, returns a promise with array of objects as specified earlier for the successCallback function.


See Web service error codes