Xrm.Utility (Client API reference)

Provides a container for useful methods.


Method Description
closeProgressIndicator Closes a progress dialog box.
getAllowedStatusTransitions Returns the valid state transitions for the specified table type and status code.
getEntityMetadata Returns table definitions for the specified table.
getEntityMainFormDescriptor Returns the default main form descriptor for the specified table.
getGlobalContext Gets the global context.
getLearningPathAttributeName Returns the name of the DOM attribute expected by the Learning Path (guided help) Content Designer for identifying UI controls in the model-driven apps forms.
getPageContext Gets the page context as an object representing the page.
getResourceString Returns the localized string for a given key associated with the specified web resource.
invokeProcessAction Invokes an action based on the specified parameters.
lookupObjects Opens a lookup control to select one or more items.
refreshParentGrid Refreshes the parent grid containing the specified record.
showProgressIndicator Displays a progress dialog with the specified message.

Deprecated methods

The following table lists the new methods you should use instead of the deprecated methods in the Xrm.Utility namespace. These methods were deprecated in v9.0.

Deprecated Method New method to be used
alertDialog Xrm.Navigation.openAlertDialog
confirmDialog Xrm.Navigation.openConfirmDialog
getBarcodeValue Xrm.Device.getBarcodeValue
getCurrentPosition Xrm.Device.getCurrentPosition
openEntityForm Xrm.Navigation.openForm
openQuickCreate Xrm.Navigation.openForm
openWebResource Xrm.Navigation.openWebResource

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