Developer tools

The Microsoft Dataverse community creates tools! Many of the most popular ones are distributed via the XrmToolBox. XrmToolBox is a Windows application that connects to Dataverse, providing tools to ease customization, configuration and operation tasks. It is shipped with more than 30 plugins to make administration, customization or configuration tasks easier and less time consuming.

The following is a selected list of community tools distributed via the XrmToolBox you can use when working with model-driven apps.

Tool Description
FetchXML Builder Build queries for Microsoft Dataverse, Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. Investigate data. Get code.
Easy Translator Exports and Imports translations with contextual information.
Export to Excel Easily export records from the selected view/fetchxml to Excel.
Iconator Manage custom tables icons in a single screen.
Ribbon Workbench 2016 Edit the ribbon or command bar from inside the XrmToolbox.
View Designer Easy UI to design view layouts and alter queries using FetchXML builder.
View Layout Replicator Apply same layout to multiple views of the same table in a single operation.
WebResources Manager Manage your web resources easily


Unsure about entity vs. table? See Developers: Understand terminology in Microsoft Dataverse.

Another tool that is not distributed via the XrmToolBox is the Dataverse REST Builder. This tool generates JavaScript code for use with the Web API.


Tools created by the community are not supported by Microsoft. If you have questions or issues with community tools, contact the publisher of the tool.