Power Apps is a great way to build business apps quickly. Power Apps Studio enables a citizen developer, who might be more familiar with understanding and solving business problems than the technical nuances associated with writing code, to be actively involved in creating business solutions. A non-technical user can use the low-code tooling to quickly flesh out the design of an app and specify how it should function. Power Apps supports connectors that can integrate an app with a wide range of data sources and services.

The citizen developer can work with a professional developer who implements connectors to these services. In turn, the services implement the more intricate parts of the system that require data access and complex processing. The citizen developer can then plug these connectors into the app. The result is an accelerated process for designing, building, and deploying business applications.

The purpose of this guide is to summarize the way in which citizen and professional developers can work together, following a fusion development approach. As you progress through this guide, you'll play the role of the different participants in this process to build a complex, fully functional solution that combines Power Apps with Azure services.