Use field suggestions by Copilot

Use field suggestions by Copilot to select the best fields to display when you link a data source to a control in a canvas app. Instead of using the default fields that Power Apps selects, makers can view up to 10 suggestions from Copilot. The field suggestions are based on the data schema and the context of the app. An app maker can review the suggestions and make adjustments as needed, saving time and improving the quality of the app.


Use field suggestions

Field suggestions by Copilot work when you bind a data source to one of the following controls:

  • Gallery
  • Form (modern)
  • Table (modern)
  • Edit form (classic)
  • Display form (classic)
  • Data table (classic)

Supported data sources:

  • Dataverse
  • Structured query language (SQL)
  • SharePoint list

When you select a data source for a control, Copilot analyzes the data schema and recommends up to 10 fields that are relevant and meaningful for your app. If you have more than 10 required fields, Copilot merges the AI suggestions together with the required fields so you don't get an error when you submit a form. You can view the suggestions in the Fields pane and preview how it looks in your app. You can also adjust the orders, remove fields, and add more fields from the data source. When you're done, apply the changes and view the results in your app.

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