Create a canvas app with data from an Excel file

In this topic, you'll create your first canvas app in Power Apps using data from an Excel table. You'll select an Excel file, create an app, and then run the app that you create. Every created app includes screens to browse records, show record details, and create or update records. By generating an app, you can quickly get a working app using Excel data, and then you can customize the app to better suit your needs.

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When you upload an Excel file it generates a Dataverse table. With Dataverse's standard and custom tables, you can securely store your data in the cloud. These tables enable you to define your organization's data in a way that is tailored to your business needs, making it easier to use within your apps. More information: Why use Dataverse?

If your environment is in the US region and AI is enabled in your organization, the AI Copilot feature can assist in table creation by suggesting table names, descriptions, column data types, and headers, even if this information is missing from the uploaded file. When Copilot AI is used for table creation, the Copilot card is displayed to indicate that the table was generated by Copilot AI.

To follow this topic exactly, download the Flooring Estimates file in Excel, and save it on your device.

Upload an Excel file to create an app

  1. Sign in to Power Apps.
  2. From the home screen, select Start with data > Upload an Excel file.
  3. Select Select from device and navigate to the location where your Excel file is saved and upload it. The maximum file size limit is 5 GB.
  4. When the table is created, select a column name or the table name to edit the properties to suit your needs. If there's values in cells that are incompatible with the selected data type when changing column data types, those values will be removed when the table is generated.
  5. Select Row ownership and choose how you want to manage row ownership.
  6. When you're done, select Create app. The system will upload the first 20 rows of sample data so you can start reviewing the data in your app. The remaining data will be uploaded in the background.

To create an app by connecting to Excel, see Connect to Excel from Power Apps.

Known issues

  • The current data upload process doesn't take into account the environment data format setting.

Run the app

  1. Select the play icon near the upper-right corner to Preview the app.

  2. Filter the list by typing one or more characters in the search box.

    For example, type or paste Honey to show the only record for which that string appears in the product's name, category, or overview.

  3. Add a record:

    1. Select New record.

    2. Add whatever data you want, and then select the checkmark button to save your changes.

  4. Edit a record:

    1. Select the record that you want to edit.

    2. Select the pencil icon.

    3. Update one or more fields, and then select the checkmark icon to save your changes.

      As an alternative, select the cancel icon to discard your changes.

  5. Delete a record:

    1. Select the record that you want to delete.

    2. Select the trash icon.

Next steps

Customize the default browse screen to better suit your needs. For example, you can sort and filter the list by product name only, not category or overview.