Formula repair in Power Apps (preview)

[This article is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

When writing Power Fx formulas, errors are often unavoidable. And it's time-consuming to troubleshoot and fix. Power Apps Formula repair will automatically generate and fix suggestions for you when there's a formula error.

Enable formula repair

Formula repair feature is available for canvas apps and custom pages.

Once you have Power Apps Studio open, go to the top menu bar, and select Settings > Upcoming features > Preview. You'll see the toggle for Formula repair feature. Select the toggle to turn the feature on to experience the advantage of automatic formula checks, and suggestions.

Formula repair - feature.


  • This is a preview feature.
  • Preview features aren’t meant for production use and may have restricted functionality. These features are available before an official release so that customers can get early access and provide feedback.
  • This preview feature is in the process of rolling out and might not be available in your region yet.

Use formula repair

Once you have the focus inside the formula bar, if the formula has any errors that the formula repair feature finds suggestions for, you'll see a red dot next to the fx icon.

When you select this red dot, you'll be able to see suggested fix for your formula. After confirming the suggested change, select Apply to apply the change to your formula and fix the formula error.

For example, the following usage shows a typo when entering the name of the label from Label1 to Lable1. The formula repair feature recognizes this mistake, and suggests the change. Upon confirming and applying the change, the error is fixed.

Example of Label.Text.

Scope of error discovery and suggestions

Several types of errors are discovered and suggested as a fix.

  1. Missing parenthesis and missing quotes.

  2. Typos, similar to the example for the label control shown earlier in this article.

  3. Misuse of delimiters and missing operators.

    Example of a formula using a comma (",") instead of a semicolon (";"):

    Example of SubmitForm.

    Example of a formula with a missed reference to a comma (","):

    Example of complex formula.


  • Formula repair won't be able to determine the expected values when you enter a complete incorrect control name. For example, if your control name is MyLabel and you try to enter WrongLabel. In this situation, formula repair feature won't be able to determine and suggest you to use the formula to reference MyLabel instead of WrongLabel.

  • Formula repair won't trigger if your formula has only warnings, or isn't showing any errors (even when the formula is incorrect).