Use the learn hub

With the learn hub, you can explore documents, training material, get help from the Power Apps community, and other resources that will help you to create and build Power Apps.

  1. To access the learn hub, go to the Power Apps home page and select Learn on the left pane.
  2. Select one of the tabs to access the information that you're looking for.
  3. Use the Previous and Next buttons to see more items.

How to use the learning hub.

The banner at the top showcases the latest announcements, trending posts, and information about upcoming Microsoft events.

Banner for the learning hub.


The Overview tab lists featured training paths and modules, posts from the community, help articles, and training videos on YouTube.

Overview tab.


The Courses tab provides guided training such as training paths, modules, and training events.


The Articles tab has information from public blogs articles.


The Community tab provides access to content from the Power Apps community including user groups, networking events, LinkedIn Power Apps community, and more.


Go to the Support tab to get help with common issues, report a problem, submit an idea, and get access to help topics.

From your org (preview)

In Managed Environments, admins can provide customized welcome content to help makers get started with Power Apps. More information: Enable maker welcome content (Preview)

When welcome content is enabled, upon signing in to Power Apps as a maker, you will be greeted with customized getting started information.

If you select Don't show this again here, you can still access the getting starting information from the Learn hub.

To access the getting started information from the Learn hub:

  1. Select Learn on the left pane.

  2. Select From your org.

    Maker welcome screen.