Use Power BI with Microsoft Dataverse data

Power BI is a comprehensive collection of services and tools that you use to visualize your business data. The following connector, templates, and features are available that make it easy to visualize and analyze Microsoft Dataverse data or the Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service apps data with Power BI.

  • Dataverse connector: Dataverse allows you to connect directly to your data using Power BI Desktop to create reports and publish them to Power BI. From Power BI, reports can be used in dashboards, shared to other users and accessed cross platform on Power BI mobile apps. This connector is the most recent version and uses the tabular data stream (TDS) protocol. More information: Create a Power BI report
  • Common Data Service (legacy) connector: This is the earlier version of the connector. Use this connector when the query results will be greater than 80 MB. This version also supports paging of the query results and building reports that use the image data type.
  • Dataflow templates: Dataflows help organizations unify data from disparate sources and prepare it for consumption. You can easily create dataflows using familiar, self-service tools to ingest, transform, integrate, and enrich big data. Once you create a dataflow in Power Apps, you can get data from it using the Common Data Service connector or Power BI Desktop Dataflow connector. More information: Create and use dataflows in Power Apps
  • Power BI template apps: Power BI template apps are integrated packages of pre-built Power BI dashboards and reports. Using Power BI template apps with Dynamics 365 Sales provides a convenient, powerful, and quick way to access and analyze your sales data. For more information, see these articles:
  • Embed Power BI reports on a form: You can use Power BI reports in Power Apps model-driven apps to bring rich reporting and analytics to your system forms and empower your users to accomplish more. More information: Embed a Power BI report in a model-driven system form
  • Embed Power BI reports on a system dashboard: Use can add Power BI reports to the dashboards and include in the solution with Environment Variables for ALM. More information: Create or edit a Power BI embedded system dashboard
  • Tabular Data Stream (TDS) endpoint: Use the TDS endpoint for Dataverse to view table data in Power BI Desktop. More information: View table data in Power BI Desktop

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