Manage commands in solutions

Unlike classic commands, modern commands are treated the same as other solution components and support core solution behaviors. You can also edit existing modern commands from within a solution.

Modern commanding provides these benefits when you work with solutions:

  • Add solution components that depend on your command actions.
  • Block commands from being customized by using managed properties.
  • View dependencies related to your modern command components.
  • Troubleshoot by viewing which solutions modified the component and when using solution layers.
  • Remove any unmanaged customizations if in an unhealthy state.
  • Add or remove command components from a solution.
  • Segment solutions and build minor updates or patches that include your modern command components.

    Clone a patch

  • Modern command components work with solution upgrade so you can delete components by importing a new version.
  • Standardized localization via export/import translations.

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